From the Ground Up

The project was created on a simple idea, what if there was one t-shirt that fitted for all your everyday scenarios. Many brainstorming sessions and YouTube videos later, OLA was created.

Firstly, the fit. We wanted a fit that would flow off your body and would keep you looking and feeling great. Secondly, the fabric, we wanted something classy, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable.

Getting the Fundamentals Right

We’ve all shared this same experience before, just when you think you’ve found the idea t-shirt, it has limited availability or worst, disappears off the market. Evolve or be extinct.

As soon as we felt our custom engineered Tri Blend Fabric, we knew right away that this would be our starting point. From its hand-feel to its flow, our fabric would offer a unique take on modern clothing and then some.

Out with the Old, In with OLA

We wanted our shirts to serve a purpose, we’re going through the same days as you are over here. We live the lifestyle that we want to express through our range. We are our first critics but most importantly, are the first to believe in our quality.

From the boardroom to your night outs, with everything in between, we promise to keep you looking and feeling confident, through our simple, yet sophisticated designs (Crew Neck, Golfer, and Henley), perfectly outlining the modern, driven guy.

Our Approach to Sustainability

At OLA, the importance and urgency of adopting a more sustainable approach takes high priority and we also know that we still have a long way to go and learn.

By using our recycled fabrics and limiting our plastic footprint, by virtue of a smaller sized packaging, we are already following our commitment towards a more sustainable future.